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We are an independent expedited visa processing service provider, with a verified reputation for helping clients successfully complete their visa acquisition process. Euro Steps Consultancy has a dedicated team of skilled staff with robust knowledge about visa processing. Having handled several cases with different backgrounds, the company carries the assurance of satisfactory results.


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Applying for a visa can be a stressful task, so Euro Steps Consultancy has in store all the services one needs during the complete visa process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the agency who always gives you a priority on the free of question and you can easily make a question on the bunch.

  • How do I verify hotel and flight tickets?

    All flight reservations are verifiable from their original sources. Just visit the respective airline website, plug in the airline reservation code, and enter your name under Manage My Bookings. The same goes with hotel verification too. You can call the hotel directly to verify your name. The hotel itinerary has a confirmation number from the booking systems that indicates that bookings have been made successfully with the hotel systems. If you are facing any issues, kindly connect with the Goviza customer care team, and we would love to help you out.

  • Do I need a visa to visit any abroad country?

    The requirement for a visa depends on foreign policies and relations between nations. Any candidate travelling to a foreign nation should check into the visa requirements of the nation towards their domestic nation.

  • How much does an Immigration Consultant cost in India?

    According to various research reports, The immigration consultants charge in India is about 50,000 to 1,50,000 .

  • What does an Immigration Consultant do?

    In general, immigration consultants oversee all aspects of the visa and immigration process. They Advise clients of their legal rights and all matters related to immigration and citizenship law. Help clients obtain visas and other documentation for temporary entries and permanent residence.

  • How do I verify an immigration consultant?

    Visit the cicc website and click on Find an Immigration Consultant. ... Enter one of the below search entries and click on search." View the search result and check the rcic status."

  • Is it worth hiring an immigration consultant?

    Immigration consultants are often the best guides and mentors in view of their vast knowledge and experience in the immigration industry. They have experts who are thorough with the immigration process and visa associated guidelines.

  • How long is the visa application process?

    The time taken for the complete visa application process to be completed varies upon different embassies working. However, the part of the Euro Steps Consultancy team to do their part of work is usually delivered within 2 weeks of time depending upon the applicant coordination and services opted for.

  • How do I order my Euro Steps Consultancy visa consultancy services?

    Connect with our Euro Steps Consultancy team online through chat, mail, or the contact information provided. Our team is available to connect 24/7, where you can convey your requirements and book services simultaneously.

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