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Applicant’s Information

In case of minor please provide parents’ or legal guardian’s information

Residential Address:

(Please note that the address must be a residential address outside Portugal, P. O. Box or business address cannot be accepted, and must match with the document provided as address proof)

Applicant’s Passport Information
Upload Documents:


A high-quality certified scanned copy of the applicant's passport. EU Citizens can use their National ID Card. Photos of both sides of the ID must be provided.

No shadows - No light reflections - Passport is not expired - Signature is fully visible - All four corners of the document must be visible

Proof of Address:

A document that serves as proof of residential address outside. P.O. boxes are not accepted. Provide an English translation if the document is not written in English . Please note that:

  • 1. The first name matches the name on the passport
  • 2. Surname matches the name on the passport
  • 3. Address matches the address submitted in the order form
  • 4. Text is legible
  • 5. No shadows
  • No light reflections
  • 7. Document must be in English or Portuguese